Mosquito Repelling Plants

Spring is here and summer is right around the corner.  With warmer temperatures come those pesky mosquitos.

While using commercial bug sprays can help keep mosquitos away they have chemicals that can be harmful to people and the environment.  Adding plants that repel mosquitos is a natural way to keep those blood suckers at bay.  Many of these plants also repel other insects.  They can be planted in areas where you're most active such as near windows, doors, close to sitting areas, near a garden or they can be potted so you can easilt move them around.  Some plants not only keep insects away they have a very appealing smell to humans.

Here is a list of the top plants to keep mosquitos and other insects away:

Basil * Flies

Bee Balm 

Catnip ** Termites and cockroaches

Citronella **Flies

* Floss Flower ** Flies, deer, rabbit

Garlic **Aphids, ants

Lavender **Moths, fleas, flies, spiders

Lemon Balm **Fleas

Lemon Grass (not safe for pregnant women or new mothers) **Flies

Marigold **Deer, rabbits

Peppermint **Spiders

Rosemary **Vegetable bugs, flies

Sage **Ticks

Scented Geranium ** Flies

Pennyroyal **Flies, fleas 

*Not safe for skin.

**Other insects it repels.


Boxwood also known as 'Genus Buxus' make a great addition to any landscape for many reasons.  Boxwoods are functional plants.  They are low maintenance, meaning taking care of them is easy and they can thrive in partial shade or...

Firewood Caution

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Benefits to Planting Perennials

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Shrubs from Big Box Stores

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How Late In the Season Do We Work?

Many customers ask: How late in the season do we continue to install landscape jobs? The answer is based on two weather conditions: 1.  First significant snow. 2.  When the ground freezes. Once one of these occurs we will shut...

Expanded Box Tree Moth Quarantine

Due to recent detections of box tree moth the quarantine has been expanded.  This pest is highly invasive. The recent sightings have been in Oakland and Eaton counties. The expansion of the quarantine will now include the following counties:...

New Tree Planting

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Adjusting Sprinklers to Weather Conditions

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Ornamental Grasses

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Digital Payments

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Invasive Species: Hemlock Woolly Adelgid

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