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Novel Ideas for New Constructions: Commerce Township's Leading Hardscape & Landscape Architect

New Construction Landscaping Commerce MI | Squeals Landscaping - new-construction-hardscape(1)Providing Beautiful Landscape Design Services for Public, Commercial and Residential Properties 

Whether you’re an individual, a business or a government entity, unveiling a new construction is always exciting. While many people focus on the structure of the new building itself, the surrounding landscape and hardscape are every bit as important for assessing its value and beauty. Squeals Landscaping is committed to making the area around your new building every bit as beautiful as the central structure. Located in Commerce Township, we provide public, commercial and residential landscape design services throughout the Metro Detroit area.

Professional Landscaping with Plant Scholars

As a team of landscape architects, the Squeals staff has extensive knowledge of plant biology. Combined with our more than 25 years of experience in the landscaping business, this leaves us perfectly prepared to select the most beautiful, healthy and enduring plants for your property. You can thus be confident that your building’s new landscape will enhance it both aesthetically and practically, all while lasting for years.

At Squeals, we cater our service to the unique needs of each client. When you request a consultation, we will travel to your property and assess all its features, including characteristics that affect how well different trees, shrubs and bushes will grow. We can then advise you on which plants are best to achieve your vision, as well as how to keep them healthy once they are in place. We provide free estimates for our services ahead of time, allowing us to be transparent at the beginning of the project. 

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Solid Hardscaping from Artistic, Attentive Specialists

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Whether to protect the property, complement nearby trees and shrubs or to add a separate source of beauty, quality hardscaping is critical for new constructions. Squeals has extensive experience with brick and stone hardscaping. As with landscaping, we let you choose from a range of different materials and assess your property to see how best to accommodate those materials. While leaving you free to make your own design choices, we do advise you on achieving your vision, all while keeping costs low and convenience high. With our help, the hardscape will reflect the durability of your new building, giving off an image of strength and endurance.

Landscape Construction Permits

Who needs them and why? Permits are an important topic of discussion. Recently some cities, townships and villages have begun requiring permits for basic landscape projects. Building, Zoning, Soil Erosion, & Grading...


New Construction Landscaping Commerce MI | Squeals Landscaping - new-construction-renderingBringing Your Building All the Benefits of Exterior Enhancements

Besides projecting an image of durability, hardscaping and landscaping will make your new construction considerably more valuable and convenient. By building solid paths through the property and guiding visitors in through careful plant placement, these services transform your building’s exterior into a welcoming environment. They can also keep you safe from intruders; stone and brick walls help to keep both humans and animals out, while quality landscaping enhances visibility so you can see anything that does make it onto the property. 

For more information on achieving these benefits for your new construction, contact Squeals Landscaping at (248) 360-7000 today.

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